"I See People Working Hard Day After Day But Still Remain Poor..."

However, Statistics Report 1,700 New Millionaires Are Made Each Day...

"Then Why Are So Many People Still Struggling?

Why Do Millionaires Have the Edge That Regular Folks Doesn't Have?

They are actually not that different from you and I...

They Just think differently...

They have a Millionaire Mindset

How Do I Know?

I went from a person with serious Social Anxiety condition with a broken family....

No friends, no connection...

With daily depressions and broke...

To Now Being The Leader of A Global Learning Movement...

You might also know me as the founder of a successful education chain

Or the Social Worker who has served hundreds of people...

I am confident about my ability to impact you

There's a good chance you seen me on Facebook...

I am no different from anyone of you...

If I can make it, anyone can.

All it takes is some guidance...

To help you think and function differently...

Being trained in psychology...

Having interacted with thousands of people on the ground...

I Had Developed The Ultimate Mentorship Programme

To Train You For One Month For....

Just A Dollar!


Dollar Learning Club

Developed by Nick Kao

An Entrepreneur since 18 years old, Nick has founded multiple successful businesses and is now an investor of over 100 companies.

He semi-retired to become a Social Worker. Having counselled hundreds of people on their financial issues, he observed the same pattern appears time and again.

It is the poverty mindset that is preventing them to get out of the poverty loop. 

Benefits Of Staying Subscribed

✔ No limit on the number of times to attend the classes

✔ Support on how to apply what you have learnt

✔ Gain access to important updates in the curriculum

✔ Lifetime support to any questions you may have

✔ Networking Sessions with hundreds of members

✔ Access to new income earning opportunities

✔ Earn from the mentorship affiliate programme

✔  Phase 2 & 3 training

For A Dollar, here is what you get:

✔ Core Live Training Programme ($1999 value)

✔ Online Proficiency Masterclass Training  ($249 value)

✔ Business Model Analysis ($249 value)

✔ Access To Facebook Support Group ($199 value)

✔ Lifetime Mentorship Support (Priceless)

Total Value: $2696

Join Today And Get All The Trainings For $1 Only.

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"Why are you doing this? Why $1?

We are on a mission to impact 100,000 people.

Not many people on the ground can afford such mindset training. 

The only way to impact more lives is to provide immense value at an affordable price.

I hope to ingrain the Millionaire Mindset and High-Income Skills to your sub-conscious mind.

That's Why I Want To Teach You all I Know At A Ridiculous Price

(Hundreds had taken action!)  

Why not just provide the training for free instead of $1?

You need to understand, most people failed because they do not take action

You can have all the knowledge, but inaction will lead to nothing.

One action will lead to another, even paying as little as $1. It is an act of wanting to change.

Free leads to nothing and people will just discard whatever you learn.

If you’re not even willing to take the first action to give yourself a chance to change your life, you might not be ready yet.

This Dollar Might Just Change Your Life...